By Teasel

Three Tulips

I had another really good sleep and yet again woke late, but today I was feeling totally drained and lacking in energy  - probably still getting over my vaccine..  The weather was brighter today, so I put the washing machine into action.  BB had a football match in Balerno so we three headed there late morning.  Just along the road we were shrouded in the haar again, which was a bit of a worry as we were dressed for sunshine and warmth.  Luckily we came out the other side and it was lovely at our destination. 
TT and I had a wander to and around Malleny Garden which was close to the football pitch.  TT then headed off to watch the football and I had a wee wander around, though was tempted to find a shaded spot in the garden to read my book.  Having only ever driven through Balerno before, I wasn’t sure what was there.  I think there are plenty of walking possibilities, but I didn’t really have time to fully explore.  The boys drew their game this week, and were struggling in the heat.
We came home for a  late lunch and I had a seat in the garden with my book.  TT and I then headed out to a local nursery for some plants and then paid a quick visit to the supermarket.  Later TT cooked a curry and I went for a walk around the block to make up for my lack of steps these past couple of days.  Much later I watched more of The Pact.
These three tulips caught my eye in the garden.  The bluebell wood (extra) was nearby.

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