By Teasel


I was feeling much better today, but as we had no plans my only plan was to take it easy.  That started with a  long lie and I only woke up because TT was doing some noisy  DIY outside.  I realised it was after 9am, and BB was likely still in bed – he was – and had to  get to rugby training for 9.30am.  He made it and TT went to help at church.  I did a few chores, and planned Brunch.  TT took control of brunch when they returned – make your own bacon naans from Dishoom – one of BB’s birthday presents.  There was a spare ball of dough, so I had an egg naan and very nice it was too.  Of course, BB could have eaten another.
I then headed out to get a few bits of shopping, including a quick visit to the Farmers’ Market.  By the time I was heading home there was a hint of blue sky appearing and the haar seemed to be burning off.  However it was short lived.
TT finished constructing his greenhouse and is very pleased with himself.  The next question is what to put in it?  Later in the afternoon I went for a short walk, but couldn’t persuade anyone to join me.
TT insisted on doing a BBQ for tea.  BB and I hid indoors and left him to it.  Later TT and I watched a movie based on a john Le Carre novel.
I blipped this building about a month ago.  The week after I blipped it, the last piece was put in place – the pagoda.

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