By KatesGardenPDX

Still hot, but not as bad...

A full 5 degrees cooler, since today topped out at 90F! Still way too hot. But the garden seems to be doing ok. It's well watered and perhaps it hasn't been long enough to burn the more tender plants. 

I spent the day with my mom - she sleeps in the morning and complained this morning that she was sick of being sleepy. But we chatted and reminisced and ate lunch, went for a "stroll" in her wheelchair and then taught the afternoon caregiver how to play Yahtzee. 

Today would have been my parents 70th wedding anniversary, so a sad day all around. I brought my mom an armful of peonies from my garden which she loved. I tried to take a photo but was unsuccessful enough that you have a small view into my big perennial border instead!

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