By hazelh

My feline companion

After all the family excitement of the past two days, my main companion today has been Hendrix, my nephew Paddy's cat (blipped). This is because I have been the only human in the house most of the time, and thus the only possible source of cat food. I have quite enjoyed Hendrix's company, not least because I have now achieved my ambition of holding a cat in my lap during a conference call.

I had to stay in most of the day due to various meeting commitments. Meanwhile: Mr hazelh, Cindy, Julian, Florence and Star all spent much of the day in Chichester with yesterday's birthday girl; my brother-in-law Mark headed off to work at his industrial unit; and my middle sister went to her gym in the morning/worked in the afternoon.

This evening, however, the partying resumed when Mr hazelh and I took my middle sister and Mark out for dinner at Thirteen Church Street in Storrington. This was to thank them for hosting our visit this week, and to celebrate my sister's birthday today.

Tomorrow we head north again by train.

Exercise today: none.

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