By carliewired

Early Morning at Vantage Pt.

I was up early
but not early enough to
catch a great sunrise

~ carliewired

I was up and out on my deck before 5 AM, but I only caught the tail end of what was reported to be a spectacular sunrise this morning. 

I drove off to Vantage Point by the airport before 6. I was really more interested in the croissant and coffee I'd promised myself than in taking photos this morning. I parked by the entrance to the float plane dock beside the Rivers Trail. This part of the trail can be very dusty. No paving on this portion. It is skirted by natural plants which will dry up when the summer heat takes them over. It gives a lovely view of my mountains in the morning. The river is high and getting higher. I always find it surprising to see whole trees complete with their roots floating down the river. There were several today. I looked across the river to see the westbound Canadian Pacific train moving quickly out of town. The first flight of the day arrived into the airport. 

I left my quilted heart (#36) on a bench beside the Rivers Trail. This one is my favourite so far. It reminds me of Mom's sweet peas. Early morning is the best time to release these hearts. With few people about, I am less likely to be discovered in the process. 

I headed back to my favourite drive-thru, secured my breakfast and headed home. I was back in my recliner by 7 AM.

It is partly cloudy with a low overnight of 12 C and a high expected today of 26 C. It is cooling down over the weekend with a chance of some rain. It's just been reported that we've had the dried spring in 120 years. I am concerned as we move into forest fire season. 

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