By carliewired

Rivers Trail North

I made a brief stop
on Schubert Drive to leave a
quilted heart today

~ carliewired

I was up really early. I cooked a meatloaf in the oven before I left the house at 6:30.I had hopes it wouldn't heat up the house but who am I kidding? 

I stopped to walk a short distance on the Rivers Trail beside the North Thompson River. The sweet smell of wild roses was in the air. They are in a tangle along the rivershore. There are lots of buds on them so I might expect to enjoy them for awhile yet. The white catchfly clustered around the benches where I left my quilted heart. 

We have an overcast day which is a welcome relief from the hot days we've just had. The river levels continue to rise. Hot weather has accelerated the melt on the snowy mountains north of us. The north river is looking pretty dirty with lots of debris and foam. It's moving fast and is lapping at the bottom of the side trails leading down to the river. 

I made a quick stop at the grocery store at 7 AM. I needed masking tape and crayons for a painting lesson I'm supposed to be doing today. I haven't had the motivation to paint for over a year now. I'm hoping I can break the barriers this week. 

The temperature this morning was 14 C when I left the house. Thankfully, it is to be a cooler day today with a high of 30 C. Yesterday we hit 36 C. It broke the record for the same date in 1961.

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