Parade for Wildlife

So as I said yesterday I went to join in and take photos today on the Extinction Rebellion Parade for Wildlife. It was extremely colourful, loud and enjoyable. If I was any good at making stuff I would have made a costume myself! There are some more shots in Extras.

My favourite piece was the whale and calf made from woven twigs filled with debris the woman who made it had retrieved from the river. I did not get a decent shot of it or I would have made it my Blip!

Once home we watched some Challenge Cup Rugby League - two great matches, especially the second one in which Castleford Tigers beat Warrington Wolves.

Brian has been busy since he came home from work too. He has moved the TV from a stand on the floor to wall mounted. It's not quite all finished yet but we can watch it. We will be able to get rid of the stand and have a bit more space in the room.

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