By Teasel

Red Hawthorn

My day off, but I have had such a busy week, I immediately sat down at my laptop to do a couple of hours work, just so I am in a better place on Monday morning.  There were two pieces of work that I just haven’t had the space to get to this week and I knew I would feel better if I could just do some work on them this morning and pass them on to colleagues for their input, ready for me to pick up again on Monday morning.  So that is what I did – still dressed in my pyjamas.    I then packed all my work stuff away, so I can forget about it until Monday.
At last I was able to get out in the sunshine for a run.  What a beautiful morning.  I ran about four and a half miles  in the sunshine.  The highlight was when a  stoat, with what looked like a baby rabbit in its mouth crossed the railway path in front of me and stopped to have a good look, before disappearing into the undergrowth with its prey.
Bagels had been requested for lunch, so that was my next job,  When I got here it looked like they were sold out, but luckily they were able to make them up for me.  Lunch went down very well, especially TT’s.  It was then a few chores for me, before going out for a proper walk.  I was feeling I had been trapped at my laptop all week with the same old walks around the block to break up my days, so I headed out a bit further, but still a fairly well trodden route – it’s just we haven’t been on it for a few weeks.  I came home via the supermarket and cooked up a pea and paneer curry for tea, which also went down well.
Later TT zoomed his whisky chums from his new greenhouse, while I watched a bit of TV and struggled to post my back  blips..
I love this red hawthorn.

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