By Teasel


Another lovely morning, and we moved down a level today - so are now in level1..  It’s hard to believe that I was wearing my gloves, scarf and winter coat just a couple of weeks ago.  BB went off to rugby training and TT went for a haircut then to help at church.  I was doing some chores and dashed out for a  few bits and pieces as the cupboard was a wee bit bare.
BB came home from rugby and got himself organised for an afternoon at the beach with his chums.  TT and I headed down the coast to meet friends in Eyemouth.  They were in Berwick for the weekend so it was a good opportunity to meet up as we haven’t seen them for quite a long time.
We bought the makings of a picnic and enjoyed it in the sunshine, before walking out along the coast in the St Abbs direction.  It was just glorious.  We didn’t go all the way to St Abbs, though TT and I are going to go back and do that on a nice sunny day – I really don’t know why we have never done that before.  Instead we headed back to Eyemouth and all had ice creams.  Such a lovely relaxing afternoon.
We headed home around 5pm in case BB needed to be picked up. We hadn’t heard from him, but I had an anxious friend contacting me who couldn’t get hold of her son – who is one of BB’s friends.  I eventually got a response from BB,, to say they were about to set off to cycle home, so that put her mind at rest.  BB eventually re-appeared at around 8pm.  They had stopped off somewhere for a snack.  He basically ate anything in sight when he got home, then he had tea!  He had certainly worked up an appetite!
We were all whacked – too much sea air and sunshine.  TT and I started to watch TV, but gave up. BB was just lying on the sofa.  We all had an early night.
We watched this fishing boat while we ate our ice creams, and had a great panoramic view from our walk (extra).

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