Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Identifying wildflowers

This is a sage (salvia) that came from my mum and dad's garden.  Mum took cuttings for me 17 years ago.  They are still going strong and just coming into flower now.

Since we started WildflowerWeek 3(?) years ago I've become really interested in the crossover between wild and garden flowers.  Sometimes there isn't a difference - herbs can be a good example of this - and other times I just can't tell without checking specimens side-by-side.  So what I'm saying is that I don't know if this is Salvia silvestris or a flower nursery's version of, but I'm tagging it for WildflowerWeek anyway.

The book it's sitting on here, btw, is The Wild Flowers of Britain and Northern Europe, by Richard and Alastair Fitter.  Its glory is it's illustrations by Marjorie Blamey.  They are wonderfully clear and make identyfying as easy as it can ever be.  They're also very beautiful.  

Which brings me neatly on to saying that today we've moved on to #wildflowerweek21_11. Please tag your entries accordingly - thanks ;)

And enjoy what little is left of your weekend  xx

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