By Stella2


I planned to go out to Aylesbeare Common today and see if I could retrace the route I took with my friend a few days ago.  As it was forecast to be a cloudy day I thought I had better visit the allotment first since I hadn't given it much attention over the past week or so.  I was rather surprised at how much the grass edges had grown, they were flowering!  A strimmer has now been purchased.  The weeds had grown but I also had some strawberries to take back home.  Lettuces and mixed salad leaves were planted so some sense of achievement.  

After lunch I went to Aylesbeare Common with my husband and ended up doing the walk in the reverse direction as I took a wrong turn right at the beginning, but I was pleased to have found the various places.  The sun came out and it was a pleasant afternoon.  I was photographing orchids, and my husband was spotting butterflies and dragonflies.  He found this Beautiful Demoiselle by a small stream.  Extras include what maybe a Heath Spotted Orchid ( I need to do a bit more work on identification) and a Red Admiral Butterfly that allowed me to get up very close as I had the macro lens on.

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