Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54


(Sunday back blip)

I brought a friend to the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson this morning. We had to make reservations a week in advance and our timing was perfect: this is going to be the coolest day for at least the next ten.

She has mobility problems so we slowly meandered around the place, stopping often to rest. I was focused more on her than taking a lot of photos. I also am a member of the Zoo and have free admission any time. I would like to return periodically to blip different animals.  It's a small but nice zoo. My zoo visiting around the country has been limited to The Bronx Zoo, The Buffalo Zoo and The National Zoo in Washington, DC. Some people think zoos are cruel but I see the benefit in helping to preserve endangered species.  I prefer wildlife refuges but zoos also help educate a new generation on the importance of wildlife preservation.

I thought the peacocks were awesome and they look so much better enlarged or in gallery view.  I didn't notice them several days ago when I was there.  I put these two shots in a collage and added one as an extra.

I also just posted my mono Monday entry.  Take a peek..

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