By mambo

Knautia Arvensis- Still Green

Or Field Scabious to you and me !
A sudden profusion of these have sprung up in my wildflower raised beds, they are going to be stunning when they turn pink/ lilac/mauve whatever.
I must have strewn some seeds but can’t remember when.
Busy week for me so l have decided to skip my two usual zoom ballet classes.
Instead l am trying a online dance warm up class at 9.30 am each morning, it’s free and you can drop in a out when you like. 
Touches on both ballet and contemporary, gentle but the pace is fast.
Enjoyed today ‘s session very much and all done and dusted so l can get on with all that needs to be done.
New French windows being fitted tomorrow and hopefully new window sills throughout the conservatory ( if they have the materials). Means moving a lot of stuff to my spare room which is rapidly becoming a junk room where l am just dumping anything l don’t know what to do with.
I’m ending up with lots of newly decorated and clutter free rooms and one room that visitors ( remember them? ) are banned from!
Just had what l think is a brilliant idea of recovering two bedside wall lamps, have just ordered an Orla Kiely stencil, haven’t thought of the next step yet but give me time. I should do a before and after blip if my idea works.
If it doesn’t you won’t hear about it again :-))

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