By ArcLight

Sneaky lunchtime beer

Well, that was fun too. A lunchtime meeting with OT and RW, with Mr A there for good measure, before OT leaves for Greece again. I didn’t indulge in the sneaky lunchtime beer, but others did…. It was windy but not too cold. One can get used to this outside eating lark, at least during the spring/summer months when the temperature is reasonable. We backed our outdoor lunch up with an after dinner beer on our balcony, although both of us were internally warmed by that stage by a fairly hot curry!

A successful day in the office, although not without its challenges. I forgot to take my laptop power lead with me, so had to try and nurse as many hours out of my battery using a phone charger as I could. A failure of communication with Mr A meant that he didn’t bring the right piece of kit with him when he walked in for lunch. So I had to give up mid afternoon, come home, and finish the last bit of work at home with my laptop plugged in. But I did manage to finish editing a proposed blog about EU citizenship and do another run through a ‘revise and resubmit’ with a colleague, which is almost finalised. The big bit of work that I referred to yesterday was started eventually when I got home, and will keep me occupied all day tomorrow (and probably most of the rest of the week). However, for that piece of work I need a large external screen attached to the laptop so I can view an excel spreadsheet properly, so trying to do it without a laptop charger in the office was a non starter.

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