Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Duck dancing

Any worse that 'dad dancing'?  Not a lot I reckon!   ;-D

Up even earlier than usual so reserve resident, Mrs Mallard, could stretch into an arabesque for my 2920 blip.  The total gives me 8 years blipping, though in truth I believe I began on 12th Jan 2012.  However, I did have some gaps while I was working.  Looking back, it makes me sad I didn't get into digital (as opposed to film) photography earlier.  Arts festivals gave me so many great blip opps - Henley, Salisbury, theatre companies going to Edinburgh, re-enactment events at Broadlands, the hot air balloons at Basingstoke (yes, I did get to go up in one),  Medway's street festival, Bournemouth's Arts by the Sea, not to mention the Hat Fair...  Oh well, that's the effect of living life without a plan hahaha!

Meanwhile, it's been a quiet day.  In a minute Hazel and I are escorting dear K up to the community centre for her vaccination, then home to look at your lovely journals.

Wishing you a peaceful evening  xx

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