Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Wildflower tapestry

A huge thank you, all, for the stars, hearts and, best of all, your such generous comments on my 2920 yesterday.  I felt quite emotional.

Here are as many wildflowers as I could fit in one blip - hopefully at least one for each of you - to say thank you!!  I will, of course try to talk to you all individually.  If I don't quite get there tonight, then certainly tomorrow.

As for today, I had meant to have a little trip out but the trains were up the Swanee, as I discovered when I got to the station.  So instead I took a bus to Badger Farm and walked from there.  A long walk and a lovely one.  So now I'm a pooped and happy blipper!

Btw, the flowers you see here include:
oxeye daisies  Leucanthemum vulgare
common poppies  Papaver rhoeas
red campion  Silene alba
corncockle (singular ;))  Agrostemma githago
corn marigold  Chysanthemum segetum

Wishing you all a really good weekend  xx

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