A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


Many years ago when I was a child we would drive to Ripon to meet family friends from the NE, well we did something similar today meeting sister in law Ron and partner Ian. They are from the NE but are spending a couple of nights nearby.

We hardly ever come this way these days but used to drive through on our way to Newcastle in years gone by, the twon is now bypassed which is a good thing but the roads are unrecognisable to us.

We met in the centre where we found a place for a coffee and catch up as we haven’t seen them since last August when we went to Beamish to use their  Christmas gift tickets. We didn’t manage our usual our pre Christmas get together this year.

We headed off for a walk along the River Ure, calling in at the medieval chapel of St Mary Magdelen. We were just passing but a lady kindly invited us in. It is close to the Cathedral and is known as the leper chapel, it is still in regular use.

Walking along the river there were lots of wild flowers to enjoy along the bank. Cow parsley of course but coloured flowers too that looked like some kind of Phlox.
On the other side of the path was this meadow edged by wild poppies. I love seeing these and the bonus is you can also see the Cathedral - can you spot it?

The river obviously continues in a loop as when we crossed the water, first by stepping stones and then a small bridge to reach The Water Rat for lunch, there was the Cathedral again right in front of us. (Extra)

A very nice lunch and our first meal out since lockdown. Back in the centre of town we took another look around as the market was on today. The centre is certainly much better without all that traffic.

Lovely to see them both again today in a different place and for choosing a great spot for lunch, hope we can meet again before too long.

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