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Yesterday a rose today a peony. These white peonies are one of my real joys in the garden, they flower just as the crimson ones are coming to an end. I brought them with us when we moved from our last house in 1994. There's over fifty flower buds on this one again this year and the scent is wonderful.
Saturday again, how the weeks are flying by. I was out first thing this morning and the sun was warmer than I'd expected. Nice to relax when I got home again. We went up to the Gyle just after lunch time, it wasn't too busy and it was good to shop in a larger supermarket. M&S has had a complete makeover, or at least at the Food Hall end which is as far as I got. I felt as if I'd never been in there before. I'll have to go back when I have time to spare and work out where things are and the pattern behind it.
After we got home, I baked a batch of oatcakes for Katy and some Nutella cookies for us all. Yummy.
Kathryn and the girls were over for tea. They'd been at the pottery painting place at the Meadows and had a great time. They'd then been to play at the park in the Meadow so were fairly exhausted by they time they got to us. Isobel played Guess Who with me in the garden, she's got the hang of it pretty well for a four year old although some of her questions are very funny. Eilidh enjoyed some peace to play by herself in the house.
They both curled up for some stories before heading off home in time for bed. It's lovely to have them close enough to just drop in. We're going to Ali and Stuart's tomorrow for some of their home made pizza. Nice to be cooked for.

Keep safe and well everyone. It's good to hear that folk can drop in for their vaccine from now on. I'm doing my twice a week home testing, nice and negative so far.

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