A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


A funny day weather wise. It was damp and drizzly this morning when we set of to Singing in Bingley. We went early to go the the tip with our garden waste. There was no delay so we were at the rugby club tent far too early passing lots of bunnies along the drive edge.

The rain had stopped by the time we went in and there was actually a bit of brightness at the end of the session. Don’t think it was the most fun singing session we’ve ever had, a lot of learning and relearning with just a couple of songs that we know well. I know it’s the only way to get there but our newest song hasn’t got itself into my head yet.

When we left we wanted a couple of things for our upcoming holiday from B & M, I’m amazed by what they stock.

As it was brighter we then had a short walk along the canal.
This was the only shot I took and it was the Yorkshire flag that attracted me flying over the club house of the Airedale Boat Club - ABC - on the side of the Leeds Liverpool canal.

Turned cool and dull again this afternoon but I did get some washing out and dry. (Hope this change means we will miss the predicted thunderstorms later in the week.) 
The sun is still shining on the tennis coming from Queens!

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