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Lilium pyrenaicum

Otherwise known as the Turk's cap lily.

This one is in my garden. The plants were here when we arrived and flower reliably every year. I like the saturation of the colours in an image taken as dusk. If you look closely you may see some pollen on the stigma of the flower.

It's been quite busy today.

This morning I popped over to Haltwhistle to help Maureen with her exercises. There are signs of improvement, although she does not think so.

Then we went for a walk around the town. Julie arrived just as we were leaving so we went together. (Julie was having one of her normal busy days: coffee with friend, nails, coffee with different friend, dentist, walk with us then back to Newcastle in time to go to a hospital appointment. I never feel busy when I hear her schedule!)

I was back home in time for a quick lunch. Then Heather, Mum's friend arrived. Soon after Ann and Jos came to see me. Jos brought a copy of her newly published book and I forgot to take a picture of her with it. It is an account of the walk she did with her husband and Barney, their dog, from Land's End to John O'Groats. It's brilliant and includes some of Jos' paintings and sketches from the trip.

Ann brought cake. What a star!

After that we put our feet up for a while before watching the press conference. Since it was leaked, there was little point. I didn't hear him mention travel? I gather that we can have Mum's 100th birthday party if we make it a wedding or a funeral. Let's hope things ease up by September.

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