Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

Angus, the supervisor

When Dick is doing the garden, Angus is never far away. When they come to my house, Angus sits outside the front door until I appear with two Bonios for him. Then he expects me to throw a ball for him.

It's been very hot today. It was T Day for me. I filled the car and went to the tip. It's a very satisfying experience to throw glass bottles into the skip, then the plastic, then the cardboard. I also had some bags of general rubbish.

I went on to the garden centre for bedding plants. Our centre border has been resplendent with tulips. I hope they will survive being lifted as early as this, but they need to go now, otherwise there will be no bedding plants left to buy.

I also made it to the bank and to the garage for fuel and a car wash.

Dick arrived soon after I did, so the timing was perfect. Here you see how Angus likes to check the quality of Dick's work!! They are a great pair and inseparable.

It's still hot and I suspect we may not have rain tonight. 

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