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In search of....

Yes, I was again looking for Martagon lilies in bloom in Acomb woods. There are a large number of plants. All but one I found were still in bud. I photographed the one in flower, but it was in a dark corner and I loved the image of the monkshood much more. That's why it is today's blip!

You can see the Martagon lily as an extra.

I like the three dark trees behind the monkshood and the way the light is perfusing the flowers.

This morning the Tynedale Photo Group had a Zoom meeting. It did happen, but some of us could not log in at all.  The meeting was reset and we then were able to access it. Same number and password. A mystery!

Bob and Christine showed travel photographs. It was an excellent morning.

Life in the Time of Covid 19
Who were the people who were queueing to shop this morning? I don't particularly enjoy shopping, so it was never going to be me......

Why were there no medics or scientists with Dominic Raab at the news briefing today? Should I be suspicious? Of course not!

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