Life through the lens...

By ValC

Tiny Alpine.

The sink garden is now beginning to look it’s best. This is Geranium Cinereum “ Ballerina”.
Such a pretty little plant with beautiful markings.

We were sat out having lunch in the garden, when our new washing machine arrived.
Typically I had just started on the fruit salad and ice cream.
However it only took them a few minutes to take out the old one, and connect the new.
All done at no extra charge.
(However the ice cream had melted, but still tasted good)

I have washed the bedding and all the marks have come out, and it smells so fresh.
( I didn’t think the old washer had any smell.)

Called to see some old friends this afternoon.
J is suffering with very painful ankles due to old breaks. He can hardly walk now without pain.
His dear wife has started with Alzheimer’s.
So sad to see them like this. We have been friends for over 50 years, and had so many happy fun times together.

Another hot sunny day, and the garden beckons.
More watering needed.

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