a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Birds do it, bees do it....

Tiny Tuesday: Something Blue - with apologies to those that are easily offended!

I guess this shot counts as blue both for the "rumpy pumpy" nature of the content(!), and the lovely colour of the male banded demoiselle.  I managed to spot these two as they started their courtship and have a whole sequence of shots as they go about connecting up the parts that need to be connected to reproduce the species.  They eventually go on to form that heart shape that damselflies and dragonflies achieve.

It being a very sunny (and warm) day I decided to walk along the River Avon to see what I could find for the Tiny Tuesday challenge.  I saw a kingfisher, briefly.  The kingfisher didn't stay still for more than a few seconds on a tree branch on the opposite bank so while I have a shot it just isn't that good sadly. 

I have put up a shot of a speckled wood (that really is the butterfly's name) enjoying the sunshine as my first extra.  

The the final extra is of a pair of scarce chasers doing what the damselflies in the main are doing, although in the case of the dragons, they are at least trying to protect their dignity by hiding (unsuccessfully) behind a stick.

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