By pensionspoet

Evening paddle on Sheringham beach

Today was so hot. SO hot in my summerhouse office. I don't normally sweat, well, ladies don't, do they? But today I was perspiring bucket loads, and by 5, I just managed to get through most of what I wanted to do, and with a thumping headache, I logged off for 4 days. Shame the sun seems also to have logged off for 4 days according to forecasts, but that just about sums up my luck!

I had a lie down for an hour, after doing a load of watering. Then after dinner, Jon and I drove down to Sheringham seafront, where we had a short walk, then went down to the beach, where I had a paddle. Then we sat and chatted and just enjoyed the view and each others company. We could have been on holiday. So yes, we are lucky to have this on our doorsteps. If you want it too, you can have it. Move to the North Norfolk coast :-) what is stopping you?!

Back home in time to get my washing in and sit down to enjoy the final of The Sewing Bee, and feel a renewed inspiration to do something positive with the growing fabric mountain I have. Also, I need to read my sewing books and properly learn techniques, as I tend to make it up as I go along. I want to be better at the sewing I do. I'm putting the book in my growing pile of essential reading.

Now a shower and bed. Must ensure the shower curtain is tucked inside the bath, to avoid more water dripping through the dining room happened earlier today. Whoops. Naming no names....but it wasn't me, Jon or Henry!

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