By pensionspoet

My lovely pond

I'm pleased to say the pond is clearing since I put in the pond plants sent to me in the post by blip friend Ninjashoe. I regularly scoop the dead leaves and chickweed from the surface. Then I put it on the edge so that the water creatures like tiny shrimps can crawl back in. Today I accidentally caught the newt. I wonder how many newts are in there, or if he is the only one. He was quite small, and must enjoy being near the surface. I know I have blipped my pond before, but I am so happy with it, and enjoy just sitting looking at it. The hostas are up now, and the lavender I grew from tiny plug plants is bushing out and really well established now. I have my Harlow Carr rose, a present from a kind friend after dad died, in the pot on the left. I'm excited to see some buds on the verge of opening. By the weekend there should be dots of pink all over it.

I've felt extremely tired today. I did do the morning walk, but late. Jon had to go early, and I couldn't get out of bed. So I did it on my own at 7 and was at work by 7.45.

Hayfever and antihistamine tablets are making me tired, but I still managed a decent day's work. Tomorrow is the last day of my short week, and I have to start early to get ahead.

After work I did lots of watering, planted a few more things in my greenhouse (chilli's, tomatoes and cucumber) but still didn't get to the allotment. Tomorrow I must go with my remaining seedlings. I've run out of room for any more tomato plants in the garden!

Sewed the finishing touches on my skirt - 3 little buttons at the top of the slit. Now a bit of TV before bed.

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