By pensionspoet

Dust bath

Apparently we had rain over night but it didn't start until after I had gone to bed, and didn't wake me. I wish it had been more, as it did little to loosen the weeds I spent the afternoon trying to dig up at the allotment. I eventually got to the allotment at 3.30 after a morning of tidying. That is an ongoing job, so it was nice to escape it for the fresh air. I planted 9 tiny tiny purple sprouting broccoli plants. It will be a miracle if they survive. I put lemonade bottle cloches over them in the hope they will grow a bit before they get eaten. The hens had a fine time having dust baths in my potato plot, while I was planting and weeding. I put in some random tomato plants in the gaps, plus the only black beauty courgette i managed to grow, and 6 kohl rabi which I bought from outside a house in our lane. I'm going to take some chilli plants next time as I have a few more than will fit in the garden.

I got home at 5.30 in time to cook dinner before Jon had to go out to scouts. A quick chat with mum on facetime and now...I'm not really doing anything. Tv is rubbish, so I think an early night!

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