Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom


This started as the quilted wall hanging in my extra.  It was made by my friend, Tina, for our friend, Roger.  It's all about Minnesota where he lived.  When he passed away she wanted me to have it.  It's one of my treasures.  I don't think Roger or Tina would mind that I made a few adjustments in PS Elements for today's challenge.  Many thanks, as always, to Ingeborg for hosting Abstract Thursdays!   

The truck is fixed and for about half what we expected to pay.  We are grateful to our wonderful mechanics who made it a priority to get it done in time for our trip.  It's too hot to bake so we brought them bakery cookies. :-)

We have two more days to finish getting ready and we'll leave early Sunday.  We will hopefully get to the campground as people are packing to leave so we can get a choice spot.  Keeping our fingers crossed on that!

Thank you to everyone for your visits and stars and hearts.  I really appreciate al of them! xx

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