By Beinghere

Reflections in Chrome

We walked past what looked like a chrome camper van in a garden and suddenly saw our reflections, somewhat distorted, but I thought it made a fun photo.
I’m sitting here with my feet up because Geordie and I had a long walk today. We drove along to Elie Holiday Park planning to walk along the beach a bit, but it was a lovely sunny day and we just kept on walking. The tide was pretty far out and the beach was almost empty. We saw very few people, mostly in the distance. After we had walked a couple of miles on the beach we went up onto the coastal path and carried on walking there. It’s almost as level as the beach because it’s the old railway line. There were lots of wild rose bushes and the air was heavy with the scent.
We arrived at Lower Largo and headed to the Railway Inn for something to eat. A half pint of ale and a toastie set us up for the journey back. The walk back was a bit tougher because the wind had got up a bit, and we were walking into it, but it was still a lovely peaceful, quiet walk. Very little sound. The occasional bird but that was all.
It turned out to be just over six miles, so about three times further than our usual walks, but we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
When we got home I ran a bath and Geordie’s face was a picture. He was probably trying to recall if he had rolled in a dead anything. He looked much relieved when he discovered the bath was for me.

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