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By walkingMarj

I fell in slow motion

Today was a red letter day. Mum had an appointment with the lovely optician in Durham. He has been excellent at sorting out specs for her over the last couple of years.

The journey went well and Mum coped with the movement of the car. We were in good time and did not have to wait long. Simon Berry, the lovely optician, has a chair he can move, so that people in wheelchairs don't have to attempt to climb into the chair for examinations. Mum is very thankful he has this. He managed to test her eyes without her bending her head back too. 

She does not need a new prescription but the positioning of the varifocal lens needs to be adjusted as her neck bends forwards even more. 

We took the "scenic" route back to avoid the road works on the A1. It was a poor decision. So many of the roads have potholes and are bumpy.

I started the job of repotting some of our house plants. I was working in the garage when one foot slipped (probably on dry leaves on the floor) and I found myself heading towards the wheelbarrow. I hoped it would save me, but it did not. It just added to the bruises. I landed heavily on my right hand and on poor Arth. 

I'm not sure if I have cracked a bone in the little finger or just bruised a joint. Arth is bruised, grazed and indignant, as you might expect. 

My blip was taken in our garden, where the perennial geraniums are coming into their own. I also found a beautiful wild rose in flower. I had no idea it was growing and it has infiltrated the mock orange. That will flower soon too.

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