Now, as I see it......

By JohnRH

Anybody’s guess

Not exactly an Emergency Blip, but the only photo of the day.  We drove over to Cambridge to meet up with our friends G&S who live roughly the same distance in the other direction from there.  We’ve not seen them since we moved to Holt and they were storing a few things for us that we hadn’t managed to bring over, so they brought them for us to take home.  A slightly disappointing lunch but with great company, preceded by some shopping in Cambridge during which W managed to buy a very nice new skirt, well reduced in the Sale.

The picture is of a sculpture in the market place in Cambridge; it appears to be a cat sitting on a top hat with rats running round the brim, all suspended on a pile of jelly beans themselves standing on an upturned hemisphere.  I’m sure it has some deep spiritual meaning but I’m afraid it’s lost on me.

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