Today started off quite normally.  I pottered around doing various chores.  Then I got ready to walk to Co-op .I was almost out of the door when my phone " pinged " so I checked it.

It was a notification from NHS Covid 19 to tell me I need to self isolate for 5 days as I've been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid.  That's all the info you get so I've no idea when it happened, where it happened and who has Covid.  Anyway that's me stuck at home until Monday. 

Musical  link -  ISOLATION by Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp

About half an hour later I got a message from Neil to say he had the same notification as me. The only time we have been together was last Friday when we went for a meal  and then did a bit of shopping in Metrocentre.  So that narrows it down I guess. Unless we have been in contact separately with different people who now have Covid - this is less likely I think,  Isolating will be worse for Neil than me as he will have to stay off work and won't be able to go running.  Still its only 5 days so could be worse.

So as I had to stay at home I decided to " crack on " with doing some sorting out.  Filled another charity bag and found lots of stuff to throw in the bin.  I was so engrossed in the task that I lost track of time and suddenly it was 8.30pm. 

Time for a meal - but I had no fresh meat or fish (I was going to buy some at the Co-op ). So I checked my store cupboard and found this tin of steak which I had with potatoes and mixed vegetables.  Nice and tasty.  Sat down to eat at around 9pm and managed to see some of the footie - Portugal V France.

Steps today - 5,380

CORONA CLASSIC -Stairway to Heaven with Gimnazija Kranj Symphony Orchestra

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