Day 2 of being stuck at home self isolating but Ive tried to keep busy.  Did a few household chores including a load of washing. And a bit more sorting out in one of the spare rooms ( which used to be Neil's bedroom years ago).

I came across his cricket bag and a box of cricket kit ... shirts, trousers, jumpers, shoes, balls pads, arm guard .... and these two pairs of " manky " gloves.. ( definition of manky - used to describe an object that is unpleasantly dirty usually because it is old or has been used a lot ) My collage shows the 2 pairs of gloves and close up shots of the worst bits. ( The gloves were very smelly so they were in the bin soon after I had taken my photos )  Thought the blip might do for the derelict challenge.  Thanks to Marlieske for her continued hosting.

Musical link - The  DERELICT by Fleetwood Mac

I sat out in the cat enclosure for a while with a cold drink and two cats for company.  It was really warm and sunny.  I did intend watering the garden but never got round to it.  However it turned out Ok as this evening its rainy heavily and everywhere is soaked.

My Asda order arrived at 8pm - bang on time.  No substitutions and only 1 thing out of stock.  All the fresh items had good use by dates too.  So Im very pleased.  I can relax now knowing I will be fine till I can get to the shops again.

Still feeling OK - no symptoms of Covid.  Neil is OK too.  He doesn't have a garden but there is a yard in front of his building and he has been running around there today while everyone else has been at work.  He spent 40 mins running 5 k in the  small area which can't have been much fun.... in fact he described it as GRIM.  Best he can do under the circumstances though.

Steps today -5,031


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