These are the last of my birthday flowers.  As they are lilies Ive had to keep them away from the cats so they are in the small toilet in the hall where the cats never go.  Its a good place for flowers as its quite cool and I find they last longer in there.  Thanks to BikerBear for hosting.

Musical link - LILY, Rosemary And The Jack of Hearts - by Joan Baez

Bit of drama before I went to bed last night.  I heard a scuffling in the hall.  Tino was fast asleep so I realised it was Lily.  I assumed she was just playing with a toy.  But then I could hear her dashing about so I went to investigate.  She had a mouse.  It was in a bad way already but as soon as she let go of it it managed to run off.  She caught it again and was prodding iit and tossing it around so I quickly got a bucket and a dustpan and brush.  I managed to scoop the mouse into the bucket and quickly put it outside.  I doubt it survived but that can't be helped.  I don't think she caught the mouse indoors ( at least I hope not ) so I'm assuming it wandered into the cat enclosure while she was out there.  I'm on my guard tonight in case it happens again but hopefully it was a one off.

I was fast asleep this morning when the phone rang. It was Mrs B - my old cookery teacher from the Grammar School.  She lives in my village and we keep in touch via cards/letters/phone calls.  I hadn't seen her in person for a while as she's been shielding since March last year -  she's 82 and her husband is older and they aren't in good health.  She was obviously in the mood for a long chat this morning as the phone call lasted 2hrs 40 mins.  Even though she's elderly she has all her wits about her and her memory is excellent.  We hope to get together for a coffee as soon as things get back to normal.

I had just settled down for my lunch when the phone rang again ( couldn't believe it as I hardly ever get phone calls ).  This time it was the Pension Visitor from the welfare dept of the company I used to work for.  This time it was just a short call to see if I was doing OK.

Mainly watched TV this afternoon and this evening.  Its rained for the whole day so I have remained indoors.

Neil ran round his yard again.  I have added an Extra showing his activity on Strava,.  Today's word for it was " vile ".   Only 2 more days to go.

Steps today - 3,126

CORONA CLASSIC - LILY by Alan Walker played by GnuS Cello

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