By dunkyc


We were walking to school when I felt a couple of raindrops.

Us tall(ish) bald guys tend to feel it first, because…….well, we’re just more aware of stuff falling from the sky onto our bonces. Quick as a flash, I ran back to the house, the children’s laughter at the speed of my run ringing in my ears, and grabbed up my as yet unused, new umbrella with a curly handle.

Matty in particular admired the curled handle and snuggled into me ‘neath it’s shelter. M’boy had clearly seen an umbrella before and was not nearly as impressed.

I tend to be stuffed full of antihistamines at this time of year, so my sense of smell is not great, but even my sub-par nostrils couldn’t keep out that unmistakable smell that follows rain falling on dry ground. Lord knows we need it. The river is running unbelievably low at present and the yarden could do with a natural watering too.

The sandwich of yet another stupidly busy day was filled with a waterside brunch in good company, followed by an evening spent in comfy trousers and watching the changing fortunes of Portugal’s group. So tired and distracted was I at the end of it, that for the first time in a long while, I found myself in need of an emergency blip!

So here are some flowers which were made for me by my sister long ago.

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