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By walkingMarj

So pleased we have an NHS

I'm often unhappy with aspects of NHS care that I hear about, but I am committed to the concept and would like to think we can do better. My first job was in 1975 as an enthusiastic and rather naive houseman (as we were called then). I learnt a lot along the way, and saw both good and bad practice.

I want us to keep services free at the point of contact. Of course, medication is not free and prescriptions are quite pricey for some people. I'm one of the lucky ones who has free meds because I have an underactive thyroid and need life long replacement therapy. (Thinks - perhaps I'd have free meds because of my age now anyway!)

So today, I offer a close up of a strip of tablets. I was looking to do some close up work for my abstract project. This won't be in included but I enjoyed seeing the detail on the foil and the clear bubble with the tablet. Quite a satisfying image to produce and process.

I had a short walk to the shop and back this morning. Then I tackled an overdue document for the Walking Festival. I've done 2 lots of exercises already and I'm about to do the third. Gentle day, mainly at home.

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