This is how many steps I took today.
I know that because I have a fab new gadget that tells me!
Mr K bought me a Fitbit for my birthday (because I wanted one not because he's trying to tell me something.....)
It's been a funny old day.
It was a lovely start with the Little Misses appearing with cards, flowers, presents and a wonderful rendition of Happy Birthday
It went a bit downhill on the school run. As I turned off the country lanes onto the A-road there was stationary traffic going all the way to the school turn off. Everyone was turning around and there were many flashing blue lights in the distance. Eventually we got near to the crash and it was clearly serious. Fire engines, police cars, ambulances, people stood on the verge wrapped in tin foil, bits of cars everywhere....
The policeman working his way down the line of traffic said we could turn left to school when we were directed.
We had to thread our way through the scene, the bus I was following couldn't get through and I was stopped right by the car with a woman clearly stuck in the front seat with fireman cutting the roof off. It was awful. In all likelihood it was a mum from school.....
When I eventually got to school I was shaking and couldn't speak without welling up. I don't really know why. It was just such a shock. And it could have been me if I'd been half an hour ealier. With the Little Misses in the car.
It was a Year 6 Mum on her way to school. It was a four car collision and she was hit head on.
Friday is coffee morning at school and it was much busier than normal. No-one could easily leave. The atmosphere was awful - it's a small school and not knowing whether people had been seriously injured or killed was pretty horrific.
Acording to local news she went to hospital but no-one involved in the crash was seriously hurt.
I drove pretty carefully for the rest of the day.
And the rest of the day was lovely. Bacon sandwiches at Mrs C's and a trip round kitchen showrooms with her to look at possibilities for their build. Swimming with Miss E and then steak and garlic mushrooms for dinner beautifully cooked by Mr K.
Oh and our hotel tomorrow night has been cancelled. The boiler at the hotel has packed up! I'm not lucky with birthday trips - a few years ago I had to cancel a trip to Venice for my birthday the day before as I was ill.
But the good news is it's been re-booked for our wedding anniversary next month and we've been upgraded to the lovely wood panelled four-poster bed room.
Every cloud.....

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