Little Haldon Pano

Lots going on today but I went out and got the lawn mowed before the rain comes in tomorrow. It was long overdue but there wasn't too much grass in the collector.

This afternoon I went up to the old airfield at Little Haldon to give the drone a bit of a workout and make sure it was doing right and came right home when I told it to. All good. This is a nine shot pano stitched in Lightroom. I still don't like how they come out distorted but I think I've straightened this one out OK. You can see Dawlish and Exmouth in the distance. A little nearer are the bunkers on the golf course and the road that goes down the hill to Teignmouth. 

Edit: I've reprocessed after watching a YouTube video and the distortion isn't perfect but I think it's much better. Ive added it as an extra for comparison.

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