By dunkyc

The Wake

Following the onslaught of the past two days and the preceding build-up, today was a welcome change of pace.

The tsunami of deadlines and requests for paperwork and paperwork: now subsided and I was able to draw breath and get back on track with some stuff - even finding a few minutes at lunch to sit in the sunshine.

This was finished off nicely with the invitation to dinner at my mum and dad’s place, whereupon a spag bol was served up accompanied by a small log, which once upon a time may have been garlic bread, but hereinafter shall be referred to as ‘garlic dead’ or ‘garlic dread’. 

The most important thing is that mum bought us all a little gift, which included jelly beans for yours truly - as everyone knows, good quality jelly beans are the best sweets ever. Apart from chocolate, haribo or bon-bons depending on what mood you’re in.

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