Sporting alternate plumage

A quiet day in which I spent quite a bit of time sorting things that I had been unable to deal with on the MacBook since it informed me about three weeks ago, that there was insufficient memory, and froze all use of (even just opening) Pages and Numbers; which programmes I use to keep my life somewhat in order. As I wrote at the time, I spent a considerable time with a young man from Apple Help. I haven't had the nerve to try what he ended up suggesting; a complete wipe and start again but not reloading everything. 

Thursday night I received a message to say that there would be an update in the operating system. The last time I got that message the next morning there was a message to tell me that it had failed because there was insufficient available memory. Yesterday morning, there was no message. I tried opening a file in Pages and it opened. As did a Numbers spreadsheet.

Today I had the time to use both apps, and its like having a new one. I figure that I must have deleted sufficient photos (which are saved in more than one other place and are not necessarily worthy of keeping anyway) to gain enough available memory to allow my MacBook to download the update of the Operating System.

This afternoon, I decided to head down to Southend an hour and a half after high tide, thinking that the tide would be far enough out. It was; barely. But I had the delight of three royal spoonbills gracing the water-covered mudflats in the Southend cove. They responded "nervously" when I first arrived but I stayed far enough back and still enough that they relaxed. 

My blip is of the one which is in alternate (breeding) plumage. His feathers are more strikingly white except for the creamy blush to the neck and upper chest. The yellow eyebrow is more obvious in this photo than in many of my previous photos.

I did a substantial enlargement of the head, bill and neck of this bird, but the resulting photo while looking good has too few pixels for Blipfoto (sadly). 

A quiet evening now awaits.

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