By Kipsie

A bountiful morning on the plot

A warm friendly greeting from Bobby robin. He knows how to butter me up. Some breadcrumbs + a sprinkle of summer Robin seed mix. Yesterday morning I started picking the blackcurrants, but did'nt finish as walking Indie, so that was my first job today. Pulled some beetroot, picked broad beans, the FIRST peas of the 2021 season, NOT ONE eaten, only because  they are difficult for me to swallow. Carrots, gradually getting bigger as I thin them out. Rhubarb from both my plot & R & S's. Cut some lettuce for the Community fridge. Weeding plus tying in the peas. A little gentle coaxing of the Ushiki Kuri squash. I'm training up the wire mesh again this year. The squash on the ground seem to be getting nibbled not sure if it's slugs or the pheasant.
Got chatting to a neighbour on the site, she & her hubby have been self isolating for 10 days as they had been in contact with their grandson who had tested positive, as had some of his work colleagues (working in a MacDonalds). The lad had been quite poorly, an ambulance called out, but he's now okay & fortunately no other members of the family have tested positive.
Did a couple of hours gardening at Mums. We bought a new electric hedge trimmer yesterday. Stihl, lightweight and easy for her to use as long as she can get the hang of it. We WERE going to give it a go today, but postponed until Saturday. :-D In the doghouse when I got home. I'd been gone too long.
Watched some tennis this afternoon.
Had a phone call from the surgery pharmacist. LLoyd's pharmacy are no longer dealing with the company that make Gabapentin liquid but Boot's and other pharmacies are so the liquid is available  if I'm happy to go further to get a prescription. The tabs are fine so she's going to change the info on my prescription. One problem solved. My fillings are being done next month, 4th & 11th August .. One at a time as it might be a bit uncomfortable for me. Two problems solved.
Cleaned the blackcurrants, & chopped the rhubarb ready for freezing.
Made dinner .. cottage pie with peas, carrots & beans from the plot.  No response, nada, from hubby. Mine was delicious :-D

Thank goodness I've got the allotment.

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