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By walkingMarj

Old friends

I met David and Debbie, a newly married couple, when I moved to Southampton in 1977 to take up a junior hospital job in Paediatrics. We became firm friends and I am godmother to Timothy, the eldest of their four boys.

We have not seen each other for a long time, but the years pealed away as we talked and laughed. They still live in Southampton, but had been to see another friend in Brighouse and drove on to see us today. They leave after lunch tomorrow so our time is short and must be savoured.

We ate lunch, then watched the Women's Final at Wimbledon.  Then we went for a walk in Acomb Woods and to the Waters' Meet. The Martagon Lilies are in full bloom and look splendid.

PS After some bad days with Arth, I was able to speak to the wonderful physio, Jani, last night. She suggested that I may have developed scar tissue after my recent fall, which would explain why the new pain came on after a couple of weeks. I have to massage a lot to break up the scar tissue and I can already feel some improvement. Can't really believe it.

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