Day at a Time

By Tweedy


I'm working today and I'm really earning my keep. It's been full on since we started and this is a tiny interlude while today's team leader sorts out some admin. It's also pretty breezy which made my current macro trend a bit tricky. Nothing was staying still. Then the battery on the camera gave up so all in all it's this or nothing.

I'm not sure what this tiny insect is. It looks slightly shrimpy.

Beautiful warm sunny day. We have been so lucky this week. A shame to be working but at least it'll feel like a real weekend when I'm finished. It'll be pizza in the garden tonight. Last night we sat out in the warm evening air till bedtime. Not everyone is so lucky. My niece in the Netherlands had to be evacuated, with her family, yesterday because of the terrible floods. Fortunately she was allowed back home today. A ghastly thing.

And covid numbers are awful but we have had some good news from the person whose house we are hoping to stay in next month so a cautious all systems go for Westray. Fingers crossed.

Have a good weekend all.

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