Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Lunch on the hoof

After a slow start yet another warm day. Seem to have spent a lot of time sitting at the computer, but things have to be done. The council decided last week to have a massive spraying programme for roadside weeds, and a lot of people objected and expressed their views on the 'Keep Oban Beautiful' Facebook page. So the Oban Times got in touch to hear my views on the matter - another point of view to add to others they'd requested. They intend to quiz the council and make an article out of it.

One of those days when lots of little things get done - had a delivery of a box of plants which had obviously been dropped, walked down town again, did some street photog, chatted to folk, tried to explain to someone buying a chair from us how to find our house, and now I'm going to sit outside in the sun with a cuppa! 

PS The sun has now gone behind a huge black cloud but I'm going out anyway! (Ten minutes later it was raining! I shouldn't complain as we're desperate for it.)

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