I felt frazzled, and tired, most of the day. I knew I had things to do (for work) but I just didn't have the energy for them. Instead I frittered time, laundry, emptied the wasp trap and froze the contents, some personal admin, some Choir admin (talk about getting back singing in person), some Mum admin (rotas and missing care sessions, again).

I missed the postman uplifting the mail by minutes, probably because I had to change the black printer ink so that means I will have to make a trip to the Manor this weekend. Organised to take Mum to see a long standing friend next Saturday, near Carnwath. Later I followed Monty Don's advice and pruned the Amelia rose. It's a single flowering Alba and now is the best time to prune it, said the expert. I picked all the sweet peas that are long enough for a vase. The ones in the pots are much shorter than the ones in the earth. And I rescued the drought tomato plants.

Then at nearly 5 I took my book and sat in the garden and that it was it the frazzlement was gone. As it got cooler I moved seat and out the chiminea, a bit smoky but very calming.

The sewing was finished (well apart for who it's for) last night and the book tonight. It is so quiet, so peaceful, just the sound of the plants growing, the hum from the by-pass, an RAF Airbus flying south from Lossie and the swifts, high up in the sky, feeding on the wing.

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