Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

The wild side

Okay, my journal's having a bit of a rest from the dark side of the last four days, so here is a meadow brown butterfly (female) on marjoram (origanum vulgare).  Normally I'd have expected this to be a shot from the Morn Hill butterfly reserve, which has an abundance of each, but the weather was too unpredictable for the longer trek (the rain was coming down in buckets 10 minutes before I took this).  Instead I went to the little churchyard of St John's which someone has spent years seeding with wildflowers of multiple kinds.  It is, in it's simplicty and richness, a remarkable place.

And while on the subject, I forgot to remind you last night that the WildflowerWeek challenge has now rolled on again.  From the start of yesterday (Sunday) the tag is #WildflowerWeek21_20.  Can you believe it?  Also, results of WFW.._19 will be in my journal a day late, on Wednesday.  Tomorrow I have a rather scary birthday - I've decided that's enough excitement for one day!

Hope your week's begun well.  Take care  xx

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