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By Jeanneb53

Joys of Jude!

Jude is such a joy and I know any granny would say that but she needs so little to make her happy.

We walked down to Larkhall this morning as we had no set appointments, calling in at the ‘teeny, tiny’ park en route where both girls enjoyed a swing. This nice little play area is nearly  always quiet.
Yesterday Grace took a bag of things to the charity shop and Eda spotted a horse (a current thing with her since her pony ride at Gleneagles in June. We said we would go back but as Grace moved the car when she collected Jude from nursery it was forgotten. Of course Eda didn’t forget so we headed there this morning. It was still there so granny made a purchase. The lady was just sorting out some new goods one of which was a brand new Kangaroo back pack still with its tags on. Grace bought it for Jude.

We went to the French bistro, Ma Cuisine for coffee outside. You can see the joy on Jude’s face when she is given the Kangaroo. Nearly as happy as when she got a croissant (bottom right hand picture) bliss! She loves food! 
Eda is so good as she can’t have these treats but Grace always has something with her that Eda can enjoy.

Returned via the TT park again and then granny pushed the buggy and Jude all the way back up the hill! Not something I thought I’d be able to do but a practice run for a possible solo outing tomorrow.

Eda created stables for her horses this afternoon whilst Jude napped and then they were invited over to a neighbour’s to play so I’m just getting this done before making a start on tea (supper!)
Another great day.

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