Carolina's journal

By Carolina


Blue is the challenge for Wide Wednesday set by RockArea .  Well, actually, something blue!   I thought  that this old dock and warehouse looked  rather blue from not being in use for a long while and not to mention the blue sky and water.   I will put a few more  "Blue" shots in the extras also.   
  thanks for dropping by and I so appreciate each star and heart that you generously leave for me!!   
   Here are the results for the MM challenge of high key.   There were alot of nice shots and of course 5 that I found right off that I thought were exceptional.    I will post the other 5 tomorrow as I need to really have to time to go over them again.   I was glad I came home and used my computer because there were quite a few shots that I didn't see when trying to find them on my phone or the browser.  
    thanks again for each of you that stepped up to the High Key challenge and their were a lot of really good ones - even people that had never tried it before did well!  
    ApolloFly    loved it. 

The second group of winners.....    these were the ones that I kept being drawn back to. 
    There were a few more that I really liked and may give hearts to on another day. 

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