By JeanSnaps


It was back to the garden this morning when I found a late rose was just unfurling and naturally a hoverfly had found it too.  Overcast and windy would describe the weather so it was a brave hoverfly. Long branches of buddleia had been blown over at the top of the garden and the whole day had an autumnal feel. Saw Emma on her way to work and we spoke for a minute. It's difficult being new at work.  
A little wooden box arrived for my Lush deodorant. This is rather like a smallish cube of soap and involves no plastic.  I could have bought a tin but I like wood so immediately painted the inside to stop the deodorant from drying  out.  Cleared out my DIY odds and ends box in the process.  Then finished repairing my grey cardigan. The buttons are firmly in place and the hole is gone. Invisible. Afterwards went out and chopped a few remaining bits of berberis for the compost bin then tackled the cotoneaster trunk with the pull saw and a hack saw.  It's a challenge but I'm about half way through.  Cleared the surrounding ground then went to the recycling. Forgot my gardening gloves but was rescued by the guy who works there.  What a relief.  Came back to process my rose photo and have tea and toast and apricot conserve plus a heat pad for my knee.  I was going to give the whole house a hoover but  upstairs can wait and Roomba can take care of downstairs.   Think I might investigate Netflix.

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