Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

Fishhook Flowers

This is called a fishhook barrel cactus for a reason. The spines are thick and hooked together on the sides. They're generally a couple of feet tall and about 2/3 of that in diameter. They also always lean towards the southwest, following the sun.  This is another cactus that is blooming prolifically at the moment. If they were to bloom at the same time, they would form a circle around the top of the cactus.

Yesterday I called Tucson Windows and Doors for my leaking windows (yesterday's back blip will explain the window problem). The scheduler was sympathetic to my plight after I told her that I was leaving for a week on Sunday and needed help before then.  She squeezed me into the schedule for an evaluation but he never showed up. It wasn't going to be a repair so it was pretty moot right from the start.

I gave the situation a lot of thought.  We have been getting rain almost every night/early morning. Sealing the outside with plastic could be a temporary solution but there was no way I would be able to do that. Realizing that I wouldn't relax a bit while I was in Madera Canyon, I postponed the trip until October.  I could have really  used it now.  Plus, it would have been nice to be someplace other than my empty house for my birthday.

Mostly sunny during the day but some rain overnight again. This time very light.  Thank goodness.

For the record, this is blip 3888.

When I write about our local weather, in no way am minimizing the horrible flooding, fires, extreme heat and earthquakes around the world, all of which are causing horrible suffering and death. My experiences pale in comparison and I am aware of that.

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